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'Throw Pinball' Is a Pinball-Block Breaking Hybrid Looking for Testers

If you're looking for a game to scratch your pinball itch but wanted a slightly different take on the glorious—and once banned—game, check out the upcoming Throw Pinball. The game uses pinball mechanics to break blocks, and the nice thing about it is that all 75 levels are designed by hand: no procedural generation creating silliness in this game. As you can see from the trailer, the developer seems to have some fun ideas on how to offer challenging levels, and I do like the art style and palette...

Twin Stick Endless Survival 'Hyper Beam' Looking for Beta Testers in Our Forums

Twin stick shooters are some of the most entertaining games on iOS because they work surprisingly well on touchscreens. Hyper Beam, an upcoming game by Rinikulous Games, is getting the twin-stick part of twin stick shooters and combining it with an endless survival game. As you can see from the trailer, you control two little circles—could be spaceships, intergalactic blobs, your imagination is the limit—as one, using the beams linking them to take out all the enemies on screen. The game has several different type of beams, and once you charge your beams, you go into—you guessed it—hyper mode...

The RPG Cooking Game (Yes, That's a Thing) 'Dungeon Chef' Is Looking for Beta Testers on Our Forums

I've always been a huge fan of genre mashups, so while I'm not entirely sure how a RPG cooking game is going to play out in practice, on paper, I love it. Dungeon Chef was just posted to our forums this morning, and I'm really digging everything they're talking about so far. The basic idea is you go out and fight monsters for ingredients, then come back to your tavern and cook 'em all up to come up with the "ultimate meals." The elevator pitch sort of sounds like it's going to scratch the same itch as going out and farming up new ingredients and seeing what you can cook up in Zelda: Breath of the Wild, but (obviously) on a much smaller, mobile game scope. Check out the trailer:..

The Dread Enemy in 'Shadowgun Legends' is Totally Not The Predator

Madfinger's Shadowgun Legends is a rather intriguing title to keep an eye on in the coming months, because it totally doesn't look like it's trying to be Destiny at all. Some footage and details have steadily started to leak out, one of which being one of the new enemies in Legends, the Dread. Now, I will have you know that the Dread is totally not the Predator with its deadly exoskeleton, dreadlocks, and arm blades. Totally different from the Predator, totally legally distinct! Check out this enemy that has absolutely zero resemblance to the Predator in this trailer for Shadowgun Legends:..

The "Fully-Fledged" Mobile MMORPG 'Crusaders of Light' Soft Launched Today

I feel like developers have been making the promise of fully featured MMORPG's for mobile forever, and it's rarely realized to an extent that compares with the pre-launch hype. There's a few exceptions out there for sure, namely Gameloft's Order & Chaos [Free] series and a few other games that offer large multiplayer experiences, but none of them ever really make you think, "Alright I'm done with playing MMORPG's on the PC, this is it." It's possible that NetEase's Crusaders of Light might change that. If nothing else, the trailer looks awfully cool:..

'Tentis Drop' Number-Tile Puzzler Needs Beta Testers

Oh Beautiful Brains has been making some solid puzzle games with Tentis Puzzle [Free] and Tentis Minute [Free], which combine number-adding mechanics with puzzle games. Tentis Drop is the next game up, and it uses some of the familiar Tentis mechanics, but in the context of a puzzler where pieces are dropping. Number tiles slowly descend from the ceiling and can be moved, but you can also ombine different tiles in order to add up their values, all the way to 10. Get three tiles adjacent to one another, and they disappear. Check out some gameplay with developer commentary:..

Slitherine's 'Carrier Deck' Looking for Beta Testers

It's been a while since we got a modern strategy game on iOS, so I'm sure wargamers will be glad to know that Slitherine's Carrier Deck is on its way to the iOS ports and is looking for beta testers to help with the development. Carrier Deck puts you in charge of USS Ronald Reagan, the Nimitz-class nuclear powered supercarrier. In this fast-paced time management game, you play as the Air Officer during war time and are responsible for all the operations involving aircraft on the ship. Therefore, you'll have to be working fast and accurately to ensure your carrier is as effective as possible...

The Fantastic 'Prison Architect' Has (Finally) Soft-Launched

This one has been a very long time coming. Prison Architect, a game we've been waiting to see on tablets for at least year, has finally soft launched on iOS and Android. In case you haven't heard of this game before, the BAFTA award-winning Prison Architect has you building and managing a maximum security prison filled with all kinds of inmates—from the quiet ones to the murdering ones. In addition to the normal mode, you can also play the escape mode where you have to escape from your own lovely creations. The game is inspired by classics such as Dungeon Keeper, Dwarf Fortress, and Theme Hospital and has been very popular (and occasionally a bit controversial) on PC...

Shocker of the Century: 'Gwent' May Come to Mobile

CD Projekt RED has been working on a standalone version of Gwent, the card game of Witcher fame. It had yet to be announced for mobile, but it really felt like it was an obvious move. Mostly, because every card game of note that hits PC eventually comes to mobile because the platform is perfect for the genre. And hey, nothing quite like using Touch ID to pay for those card packs for that frictionless experience. CD Projekt RED has yet to confirm the mobile version, but they do have a job posting for a programmer specifically with skills in "mobile game development and operating systems." Hmm!..

'Match Land' From 'Swap Heroes' and 'Wedding Escape' Developers Releases April 27th

Chris Savory, who developed Swap Heroes [$0.99] and several other titles, has teamed up with the Wedding Escape [Free] developer Rafael Lima, to form Race Cat Games. And they've called upon Matt Creamer, audio wizard for Slayin' [$0.99] and Retro City Rampage [$3.99] to help provide audio for Match Land, which we announced recently, but now has a release date: April 27th. The studio has also released a trailer for the game, showing off their interesting take on match-3 RPGs:..

Will the 4/20 App Store Be All About Trees?

This April 20th is set to be quite the magical day on the App Store. The dankness will be out of control. Yes, Dan K. Buddinhash's special day, where we celebrate the best grade, good advice, green tea, chronic, and green badger. A day where we can all get geeked, chillin' on the moon. Here, you can see our very own Jared Nelson, an expert on the topic, showing how you should properly celebrate the special day of April 20th:..

'SUP Multiplayer Racing' Turns Up the Saturation and Collisions

Oh BiBi, developers of Motor World: Car Factory [Free] and Monster and Commander [Free], are working on a brand-new mobile game called SUP Multiplayer Racing. This slick-looking racer has you racing against 3 other players at the same time, trying to pull off cool stunts, make some sweet jumps, oh, and ram your opponents off of the road. That's the most important part, no? It looks kind of like a 2D take on Burnout or MAXIMUM CAR [Free]. Oh, and the saturation has been turned up to 11...

'Brawlerz Nitro' Vehicular Arena Combat Game Resurfaces After Nearly 3 Years

Back in August of 2014, developer Bail! Enemy Jet! first announced a new vehicle-based arena combat game called Brawlerz Nitro in our forums. The original teaser video looked really neat, and the game promised tons of vehicle customization, tons of different abilities, and of course a ton of awesome offensive and defensive weaponry. They also said that they were aiming for a Q4 2014 release window for Brawlerz Nitro. Welp, that sure didn't happen! The good news though is that Bail! Enemy Jet! resurfaced today to post an update on Brawlerz Nitro and the project is most certainly still alive. They ended up doing some pretty massive overhauls on some of the core systems in the game, explaining the more than 2 year delay, but things are finally back on track and they'll be launching the Steam Early Access version this Friday. Check out the brand new trailer...

'Oceanhorn 2: Knights of the Lost Realm' will be Playable at Nordic Game Conference Next Month

With the massive success of the original Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas [$8.99] following its release back in the fall of 2013, it was no surprise to us that news of a sequel would be a pretty big deal to fans. What I didn't expect was that the sequel would be changing up the formula pretty significantly, going from an isometric view to a full-blown 3rd-person perspective and opting not to continue the story of the first game. Instead, in Oceanhorn 2: Knights of the Lost Realm, you'll be playing as a new hero in an alternate time period to that of the first game. As much as I love the original Oceanhorn, these changes had me really excited, and when developer Cornfox & Bros. released some new screens of the game at the end of January, it pretty much cemented the top spot on my most anticipated games of 2017 list. Here's a few of those Oceanhorn 2 screens again because, well, why the heck not?..

Check Out Some New Videos of 'Shadow Fight 3', Currently in Close Beta

It's hard to believe that it's been nearly a year since we last posted about Shadow Fight 3, but here we are. The long-awaited sequel to Nekki's ultra-popular fighter Shadow Fight 2 [Free] was originally supposed to launch last fall and bring the series from 2D into glorious full 3D. Well, that release window came and went, but the good news is that Nekki has been hard at work on the game in the time since, and are currently conducting a closed beta test for Shadow Fight 3 which is a sign that things are getting ever closer. Another sign is the release of more promotional items, and just last week Nekki released a gorgeous new cinematic trailer for Shadow Fight 3, which you can see below. Digging around their YouTube channel further I found a couple of other worthy videos, so following the cinematic trailer is a developer diary video that gives a quick glimpse into the process of creating music and gorgeous animations in the game, with a very brief glimpse of the game itself in action towards the very end. Finally, the third video is from February and features a full in-game fight captured from the beta version of the game. Enjoy!..

New 'Crash Club' Car Customisation Trailer Released, Touting 'One Trillion Possibilities'

Crash Club, the latest massively multiplayer car combat title from Prettygreat, has been high on my radar ever since the title was announced back in January. Notwithstanding the developer's excellent pedigree, the colorful yet anarchic take on the mobile driving genre stood out with its impressive emphasis on customisation, as well as its juxtaposition of chaotic action with careful tactic consideration that looked extremely compelling. While Crash Club soft launched in Australia and New Zealand earlier this month, the developers have today shared some additional details on the degree of design you are able to possess in designing your perfect combat vehicle, and have also shared a new trailer showcasing some of the slickest builds in action...

BorderLeap's 'Antitype' Is a Double Whammy Word Puzzler

BorderLeap has an interesting new word game hitting on April 27th, called Antitype, and it's a double whammy word puzzler. What Antitype gives you is two words that are opposites of each other, but of the same theme. So, you might get a clue called "directions" and you first have to figure out what the two words might be. Now, the thing is that the words are scrambled in such a way that you have to tap a letter, and then each letter directly adjacent to the letter advances one forward in the alphabet, but each letter can only be advanced so many times before it's locked. So, there's a double game going on here: figure out the words then figure out the right moves to make those words. Oh, and each time you restart the puzzle, it creates a new puzzle with the same words. It's a devious combo!..

'Digby Jump' Gets Up Real High on April 20th

Ole Digby's been getting down since the release of Digby Forever [Free]. But now it's time for Digby to get high. As in, sky high. So high you a hobbit. That's right, Digby turns to jumping in Digby Jump on April 20th. This one-touch, high-score chaser has you trying to get Digby up and over platforms that keep on coming by. Digby will either have to single or double jump over these platforms to truly get such altitude that you can taste the tails of comets...

Frantic Twitch Auto-Run Platformer 'Binary Dash' Launching Next Thursday

Auto-running platformers are not new. Hardcore precision platformers like Geometry Dash are not new. Runners where you can flip between running above the ground or below the ground are not new. In fact, all three of these things I've just mentioned are in abundance in the App Store, but I'm not sure I've ever seen them all come together in one game quite like they do in the upcoming Binary Dash from developer Star Garden Games. This game looks like an absolute gauntlet of pain in the best way possible, and it's all tied together with a colorful art style and some catchy tunes. Check out the launch trailer to see what I mean...

Multiplayer Racing Game 'One Tap Rally' Is Looking for Beta Testers

Racing games are tricky beasts to get right on mobile because the touchscreen doesn't always lend itself to accurate controls in fast-paced games. That's partly the reason why recent racing games that have done well have been ones that either focus on drag racing or offer simpler, more arcadey kind of gameplay. As the title betrays, the upcoming One Tap Rally is going the latter way and will offer a multiplayer racing game that will have you drifting and sliding using one-touch controls. As you can see from the trailer below, the game's pretty fast but also looks like it will control pretty well—though that remains to be seen...

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