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'Skylanders SuperChargers' Review - A Pretty Fun and Relatively Economical Ride

iOS versions of current console games still pretty scarce, but it’s refreshing to see this trend slowly start to reverse with recent launches of Disney Infinity 3.0, Guitar Hero Live, and Skylanders SuperChargers [Free] on iOS. In the case of SuperChargers, this is the second full launch of a console game with the previous Trap Team [Free (HD)] having made its iOS debut last year...

‘Skylanders Trap Team’ Review - A Portal Perfect Experience

Earlier this month we offered a hands-on preview of Actvision’s Skylanders Trap Team [Free (HD)]. Ported over by the folks at Vicarious Visions, Trap Team is being billed as the first of the series to not only have a simultaneous launch across console platforms and iOS but to also offer the complete console experience on Apple’s platform. It’s also an absolutely amazing port that feels right at home on iOS and offers an experience with its figurines that is unmatched by anything else currently available on the App Store...

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