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'Adventures Of Mana' Review - The Secret Is Simplicity

Adventures Of Mana [$13.99] is a remake of a classic Square Enix game, something that could be said for more than half of the company's iOS releases. Yet it's quite different from the usual Square Enix remake in that it's positively restrained in how much it chooses to change from the original game. It's especially interesting in light of the fact that said original game, Seiken Densetsu/Final Fantasy Adventure/Mystic Quest (henceforth Final Fantasy Adventure), was a 1991 release for the original Game Boy. On top of that, there was already one high-profile remake of the game, 2003's Sword Of Mana for the Game Boy Advance, which changed and added in a lot of things. Seeing Adventures Of Mana essentially present an early handheld action-RPG without doing much more than re-rendering everything in 3D and cleaning up the translation is certainly unexpected, but it's also most welcome...

'XCOM: Enemy Within' Review - Killing Aliens? Check. With Huge Robots? Check. Instabuy? Check.

Sequels get a bad wrap. When you consider the benefits a prime iteration of a game or movie has going for it, its no wonder the follow up that lacks the initial reveal often disappoints. Luckily you don't have to worry about disappointment if you pick up 2k"s XCOM: Enemy Within[$4.99]. Enemy Within has packed on a ton of features that dovetail seamlessly with it's successor. ..

Neverland is a world that can only seem to scrabble toward peace, ruled in turn by demons and humans who just can't seem to find common ground. Spectral Souls [Free] brings us in at the start of an inevitable conflict between the two, when the Imperial Neverland Army of demons sets out to crush the rebellious Reformed Simba Empire of humans. This being a strategy RPG, it's pretty obvious that we'll be siding with the plucky and familiar humans, no?..

So this is pretty weird. Last week, the classic Japanese role playing game from Atlus, Shin Megami Tensei [$13.99], appeared in the App Store...

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