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One of the cool things about GDC is that many if not all of the talks are recorded, and made available in the GDC Vault for those who attended. However, some talks are uploaded to the Vault for free, so that anyone can watch. And a talk that is particularly relevant here has been uploaded: Butterscotch Shenanigans talking about the development of Crashlands [$4.99], and in particular the cancer ordeal that Sam Coster went through while making the game. It's called a postmortem, which seems particularly ironic here because Sam Coster is still alive! You can watch it here...

GDC 2017 - The Annual Look at 'Drifter'

Checking out the massive space game Drifter has felt like a GDC tradition for years now, and this year we did what we always do: Met up to get a look at what's new and exciting in the game. It's particularly interesting, as we've been keeping up on its progress since 2012. Drifter is still in the works, and just like previous years, it's looking better than it did in 2016:..

Just when you think every variety of match three has been done before, a clever developer comes in to prove you're wrong. Massive Match twists the genre around by actually turning a match three into a multiplayer game where many people are matching on the same board, to hit different and quickly rotating objectives. The concept seems super rad, check it out in motion:..

GDC 2017 - 'The Big Journey' Reminds Me of 'Rolando'

Rolando was one of the first games on the App Store that really felt like it could only work on a device like the iPhone, but the game has been defunct for years, leaving a giant hole in my heart. The Big Journey by Armor Games is tickling me in just the right way, totally reminding me of a fresh and modern spin on the Rolando formula. It's even going to be a premium game...

GDC 2017 - 'Infinite Defence' Is a Neat Vertical Tower Defense Game

I'm always game for anyone trying to take a fresh spin on the tower defense formula, and the developers of Infinite Defence aim to do that by making the battlefield a vertically scrolling area which expands as the game goes on, making you really plan ahead with how you build your (eventually) totally open-field tower defense strategies. Check out the game in action:..

GDC 2017 - 'Art of Conquest' is Lilith Games' MMO/RTS Hybrid

Lilith Games is bringing an intereting idea forth to mobile with Art of Conquest. The concept is that it's a game where you're fighting to control a continent, supporting your faction that's one of seven constantly vying for control. But what's interesting about the game is how some of the systems work. You'll be navigating a map as a character, traveling to different locations to fortify bases and conquer new locales, as opposed to just tapping on different spots on a map. Then in battle, while units are controlled automatically, you lay out their formation ahead of time, with different hero units as well as troops that can be deployed. Then, in battle, you can utilize hero abilities to help turn the tide of battle. Check out some of the game in action:..

GDC 2017 - 'Don't Trip' Is Just What I Love About Mobile Games

One of my favorite thing about mobile gaming is indie developers who just come up with incredibly unique (and often super crazy) concepts which... just work. In Don't Trip, you walk using your fingers and rotating your phone. It's an incredibly clever way to use all the sensors inside of your iPhone to make a super silly game. Take a look: ..

GDC 2017 - 'Battle Breakers' Is the Next Game From 'Infinity Blade' Creators Chair

While I'm sure there will be people out there who are disappointed that Chair's next game isn't Infinity Blade IV, they've recently soft launched Battle Breakers, and what we've seen so far seems pretty cool. Gameplay involves smashing gems, collecting characters, and progressing through all sorts of different challenges. Check out the game in action:..

GDC 2017 - 'Free Rider' is Headed to Mobile

Free Rider is an online Flash game with an absolutely massive following that allows players to draw simple courses and then race on top of them. You've probably played something similar by now, but Free Rider is by far the most popular. We got a look at the mobile version at GDC, which looks just about what you'd expect it to look like!..

GDC 2017 - Another Look at 'Endless Wave'

We got a look at Endless Wave last year at GDC, and it's always cool to see how far a game can come in a year. The endless surfing gameplay is largely the same, but the game is now just dripping in polish. I still love how the voxel waves look, and I really can't wait to give this one a shot when it's finally released:..

GDC 2017 - Games From the Defold Competition

Among the awesome things surrounding GDC was the Defold Competition where the powers that be behind the Defold engine flew people out who made amazing games using it. I actually helped judge the whole thing, and it was really cool meeting the people and seeing all the games created. Those include Enter the Infinity, a real cool space ship building idle game, Pet Petter, a clicker-like that was super cute, Smash Bash: Date With the Desert, an open-world shooter, Bring Me Cakes, a clever block sliding-like game, and last but not least, Hook Line and Thinker, a fishing puzzler. We got a quick pitch of all of them:..

GDC 2017 - 'Train Bandit' Is a Quick Reaction Game Made on Train Jam

Train Jam was an awesome time (Look forward to a full write-up on that later.) and resulted in a whole bunch of games, but indie developer Rusty Moyer had already wrapped up his game and had it ready to show off at GDC. It's a quick reaction game where you've got to tap both sides of a screen to hop between box cars and keep bandits off a train. Check it out:..

GDC 2017 - 'Topsoil' Is a Crop Rotation Puzzle Game

GDC was filled with lots of clever puzzle games, and Topsoil fits right in line with all the other great games we saw. It has a puzzle mechanic that plays on crop rotation, which is pretty fascinating basis for a game which hasn't really been explored before. These types of games are always real difficult to describe, but will instantly make sense after watching someone walk you through playing. Check it out:..

GDC 2017 - LambdaMu's Upcoming Game Combines Kairosoft and Soccer

I feel like we're always saying on the podcast how much we like it when developers take the Kairosoft formula and modernize it in fresh or otherwise interesting ways. That's exactly what's happening in LambdaMu's upcoming game which has the working title Dice Soccer Town (not its final name). In the game, you manage a team of soccer players and play games of soccer using a really clever dice rolling mechanic. I really like what we've been shown so far:..

GDC 2017 - Box Cat Returns in 'Box Cat Base Bash'

If you missed it when it was first released, Box Cat is a super silly game where you're a cat who for some reason is capable of smashing all sorts of cars and causing all kinds of mayhem. I'm not sure the premise ever made sense, and that continues to be true in the upcoming pseudo-sequel Box Cat Base Bash, which sort of reminds me of what you'd get if you took Box Cat and a NES Contra cartridge and rubbed them together real hard...

GDC 2017 - 'The Long Trail' Is the Latest Game From Qwiboo

Bike Baron [$1.99] was a huge hit in our community, and recently Qwiboo has been hard at work on their next game which I'm thinking will have similar appeal is a slingshot-style mini-golf game called The Long Trail. Like Bike Baron, the game has a full-featured level editor which is very simple, which hopefully will result in nearly endless content for players to experience in the game...

GDC 2017 - 'Euclidian Lands' Feels Like 'Hitman Go' on a Rubik's Cube

Square Enix's series of Go games have been really great, but as the series has progressed they've really all felt like more of the same following the original release of Hitman Go [$1.99]. Well, leave it to clever indie devs to take a great idea and just run with it, which is where Euclidian Lands comes in. The game is a 3D puzzler which plays a lot like the Go series, but instead of being on static game boards, they take place on 3D levels which can rotate around like a Rubik's Cube. Take a look:..

GDC 2017 - 'Portal Jump' by Play a Lot Studios

Ahhhh we're super behind with GDC content, so strap in for another onslaught of videos from games we saw last week. First up for today is Portal Jump by Play a Lot Studios. It's a portrait mode one tap style game where you're ... jumping in between different portals, avoiding obstacles, and doing that sort of thing. It reminds me a little bit of those old ball juggling/bouncing Flash games I spent way too much of my time on back in the day:..

GDC 2017 - 'Old Man's Journey' is One of the Most Beautiful and Unique Games We've Seen

It seemed like a theme this year at GDC was seeing upcoming games that we also previewed at last year's GDC, and hey, game development takes time so that's not unusual. However, in the case of Old Man's Journey, I actually saw it and was blown away by it at GDC last year but developer Broken Rules wasn't far enough along with the game to want it shown publicly just yet. It wasn't until July a few months later that they officially announced and released a teaser for Old Man's Journey, and it was just about a month ago that they released the game's first gameplay trailer. Well, we got a demo of a near-final version of Old Man's Journey at GDC this year, and it's far and away one of the most charming and unique games I've seen...

GDC 2017 - 'Suzy Cube' Continues to Look Like the Best 3D Platformer on Mobile

You may recall that we fist fell in love with Suzy Cube back at GDC last year, and we were so impressed with this adorable and ridiculously polished platformer that we declared it our "Game of GDC!" Well, it's been a year and despite being the passion project of just one individual Suzy Cube has made some great strides since we last saw it in action. Check out our video demonstration with developer Northern Bytes Software to see what Suzy's been up to lately...

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