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Soul Hunters [Free] from Lilith Games has seen a few collaborations with Ubisoft in the past. Ezio from Assassin’s Creed and the Prince of Persia have both already been added as heroes here. Rayman is now available as a DPS hero in Soul Hunters joining the over 50 hero pool. His abilities let you distract the enemies while damaging them with glove throwing and jumping on the enemy heads. The last time Rayman was in the news on iOS we had an update bringing ads to paid users as well. ..

Minecraft: Pocket Edition [$6.99] had a marketplace for skin packs and more content launch in the discovery update in the form of the Minecraft Marketplace. This is a store where you can buy skin packs, maps, texture packs, and more. Everything requires an Xbox Live account (which you probably have if you play Minecraft: Pocket Edition) and Minecraft Coins. These coins are available through IAPs. Initially content sold will be limited to partners, and a new batch of content from Minecraft Partners has been made available. ..

Mobius Final Fantasy [Free] celebrates its one year anniversary today with a month long celebration. It recently crossed more than 10 million players worldwide, and there will be loads of in game giveaways to celebrate. As well as the free gifts, there have been various gameplay and balance tweaks. Players will now get more Magicite from enemies in battle to use in game. New cards for summons will be easier to obtain and ability cards now have lower requirements. These changes will make things easier for newcomers and veteran players. The team also had a video message for players worldwide that features Motomu Toriyama (Director), Mitsuto Suzuki (Composer), and Takashi Shiraga (Battle Planner). Watch it below:..