If you've enjoyed the atmospheric cave-flying antics of the Badland series, but wished it was thumping beats just a bit harder, then you're going to want to watch out for the first game from developer Dark-1 called Odium to the Core, because it's basically just that. It's a cave flyer, so it features simple one-touch controls to elevate and lower your flying character, but there's also a pretty kicking original soundtrack to accompany the action that apparently also weaves itself into the gameplay. It's not immediately apparent to me how the music connection works in the game, but I really love everything about the trailer for Odium.

Ah yes, that's the good stuff! Odium to the Core will feature 15 challenging levels as well as a Nightmare Mode that has no checkpoints and additional hidden traps. Folks who like a nice level of difficulty should enjoy trying their hand at this one. The game will also feature a host of secrets to discover which, once found, will unlock various customization options, which sounds pretty cool. Odium to the Core is set to release on iOS, Android and Steam on May 11th at a price of $2.99, so if you enjoyed that trailer above definitely look out for this one next month.