Asmodee Digital has been releasing some fun card and board games, and the latest release, Harald: A Game of Influence [$1.99], sounds like an interesting concept and unlike most other card games on the App Store. Harald is all about using your cards to win the King's favor. You play as the head of a village, and you try to use your cards to charm the most influential character of the realm and be noticed by the King. The game comes with six different characters, each with different bonuses and function. You've got the scout, the merchant, and bard, the warrior, and so on. I like games where characters have different powers because that introduced interesting tactics and forces you to rethink your strategies depending on who you're playing as.

Each turn you take three actions in order, and your ultimate goal is to have more points than anyone else at the end of the game. But to do so, you'll need to keep an eye on your opponents' moves because their clans matter a lot for your final score. Harald comes with solo mode and online multiplayer mode, the latter of which comes with emoticons. I'm glad to see Asmodee giving us the ability to interact with the opponents because it definitely makes multiplayer more fun. Harald might not be a very popular game, but those who have play it usually speak highly of it. Harald: A Game of Influence is out now, and it's only $1.99.