Lost Colossus [$1.99] by Game Stew Studio, the developer behind games like Tower of Fortune and The Lost Shield, is out now, so get ready for some retro robot warfare. As we talked about recently, Last Colossus is an ACT/RPG where you play as a commander who gains control of a giant robot after crash-landing on a war-torn planet. As me and other in our forums have pointed out, gamers love controlling giant robots. This simulation game spans 9 chapters, which come with plenty of different enemies and, of course, bosses that want nothing but to take you down. And the game offers 3 different endings that depend on the choices you make, which should offer more replayability for those who want their gaming bucks to stretch as much as possible.

The game has really cool retro-style art, which isn't a surprise given the art in previous Game Stew Studio games. And Last Colossus is a premium title, which I know many of you will appreciate. The game is $1.99, and if you want to wait for some impressions before grabbing out, head over to our forum thread to see what others have to say.