As we talked about last month, Mipumi Games is bringing their beautiful early 20th century narrative adventure The Lion's Song to iOS and Android, and now we know exactly when that will be: July 13th. The Lion's Song follows the story of four distinct Austrian characters who work in the arts and science fields and takes "a closer look at their intimate struggles with creativity and inspiration." The first episode of the game originally launched in July of last year on Steam for PC, and two additional episodes have released since, with each episode dealing with one of the characters in the game. The fourth and final episode, appropriately titled Closure, will take place on a train as all the characters and storylines interweave with each other. Here's a trailer for Episode 4 - Closure.

While the previous three episodes have only been available on PC thus far, the arrival of the fourth and final episode will also bring the complete The Lion's Song experience to Mac in addition to iOS and Android. On Steam, you can buy the Season Pass for the game for $9.99, or download the first episode for free and then purchase the additional episodes from within the game for $3.99 each. On iOS and Android, however, the complete saga of The Lion's Song will be released as a single premium app at just $4.99, a significant discount from its desktop counterpart. No matter what the price or where you play, though, The Lion's Song looks like an absolutely beautiful adventure, so look forward to diving into the entire thing when it arrives on mobile July 13th.