Just about a month ago, Chroma Squad [$4.99] developer Rogue Snail announced that they'd partnered up with Akupara Games in order to bring a revamped version of their incredibly silly puzzle RPG Star Vikings from Steam over to iOS and Android as Star Vikings Forever. We knew the game would be launching in July, but we didn't know WHEN in July… until today! The developers have announced that Star Vikings Forever will be arriving next Thursday, July 6th. Just a week away! The original Star Vikings launched on Steam in October of last year and has garnered a positive reception with its silly sense of humor and vibrant characters. They've released a brand new trailer for Star Vikings Forever which, THANKFULLY, retains the kick-ass theme song for the game.

Tell me you aren't going to be humming that to yourself for the rest of the day. Star Vikings Forever promises an 8+ hour single-player campaign, procedurally-generated puzzles so it's a fresh experience each time you play, six character classes with upgradeable skills, a New Game Plus mode, and more. Oh and there are hats because hats! Those who own the regular version of Star Vikings on Steam will receive the revamped Star Vikings Forever as a free update to their existing game, which is a pretty cool thing if you ask me. As for us mobile folks, no pricing has been announced yet but the game is regularly $9.99 on Steam so I imagine it will be that price or lower when it arrives next Thursday. Staaarrrrrrrr Vikiiiiiiiinnnngggssss!