A whole host of massive games have been announced at E3 over the past week, and for some time it appeared that the iOS community had missed out on its own major upcoming release at the event. Thankfully, Supercell saved the day, and the announcement of their next 3-on-3 online shooter Brawl Stars was met with much excitement when it came out of nowhere on Wednesday morning. Best of all, you don't have to wait months to try out the latest release from the makers of Clash of Clans [Free] and Clash Royale [Free], as the beta for Brawl Stars has soft launched in Canada today, and can be downloaded from all regions through using our soft launch guide.

While people from outside Canada can still try out Brawl Stars before its eventual worldwide release, there are numerous questions as to when the game will finally reach global App Stores. As of now, Supercell have remained tight-lipped as to how long we can expect Brawl Stars to be in soft launch for, however if Clash Royale is anything to go by, we'll probably we waiting until September for the final version to release. Furthermore, many gamers are wondering whether Brawl Stars will also soft launch on Android, and while there have been various rumors making the rounds suggesting the game will hit the Google Play store 'soon', these are currently unconfirmed and anyone with such a device will sadly have to wait patiently for now. Supercell's previous soft launch release pattern suggests that Brawl Stars should make the transition within a month, so it shouldn't be much too much longer. Until we learn any more about the release schedule, keep an eye on our coverage of Brawl Stars for further details, head down to the forum thread for more discussion, and use our soft launch guide to download the game early from the Canadian App Store.