Nintendo held its E3 presentation on Tuesday morning, June 13th, and while it was a scant 25 minutes, it came with some intriguing looks at future titles and a few vague announcements. As far as the new stuff goes, Nintendo announced a new Pokemon RPG coming to the Switch at some point in the future, being made by Game Freak. Metroid Prime 4 is in development. New Kirby and Yoshi games, with tentative titles Kirby and Yoshi respectively, are in the works. Kirby will feature up to four characters playing at once. Yoshi features multiple Yoshis, and a sort of 'flip-side'mechanic where you can flip between sides of the world, and launch eggs at background targets.

The first Breath of the Wild DLC was shown: "The Master Trials" will release on June 30th, featuring Master mode, Trial of the Sword, Hero's Path mode, new armor, a Korok mask, and more. The second DLC, with some more limited details, is planned for this holiday season and is called "The Champion's Ballad."

Super Mario Odyssey got new gameplay footage, showing off the hat capture mechanic where Mario can transform into a ton of enemies and objects throughout the world by tossing his hat.

Speaking of Mario hats, Rocket League is coming to the Switch later this year, and you'll be able to get exclusive vehicles, along with new Mario and Luigi hats. Plus, there will be cross-platform online multiplayer.

There was some additional Switch news along the way. Nyko announced some new accessories. Most interesting for mobile users will be the Clip Grip Power. It will let you clip your phone to this Joy-Con grip, allowing you to easily use your Nintendo online app with your phone while playing. It will also contain an internal battery for charging the controllers, phone, or the Switch. It will also have internal storage for cartridges or microSD cards. It releases later this month for $24.99. Go Nintendo has a whole report on Nyko's new Switch accessories.