Mike Pawlowski's Art of Gravity [$0.99] is out now on iOS. It was announced for June 14th, and it's released today on June 13th, though it's the 14th in some parts of the world. Still, this is a bit of a nice early surprise for mobile gamers. This week is shaping up to be a big week, and hey, if you can get a start on some of the big titles early, why not take it?

Art of Gravity features 75 levels of various physics puzzles, where you must launch different kinds of balls at free-floating ball structures. Gravity essentially works in the direction that you point at, so you don't have too much curvature to worry about. Instead, you just have to figure out the proper sequence of actions to undertake, and watch the gravitational destruction begin. New elements get continually introduced over time. It's only $0.99, and has some fun puzzles, so definitely check it out if it intrigues you.