The Flick Champions series of games has been kicking around with various entries across the different sports. But for far too long, Flick Champions hasn't been EXTREME. And now, it is going to be just that, with Flick Champions Extreme set to hit on June 15th. You'll have five different sports to check out: wingsuit, parkour, rock climbing, surfing, and paintball. There will be three diferent game modes: career, endless, and challenge. There's gonna be a bunch of powerups to obtain to help you along your way as you compete to be the most extreme of the extreme sports doers.

The Flick Champions series has been full of fun games so far, and while they're definitely starting to expand the list of events that you would expect from this series, there's sure to be some fun to be had from the casual takes on these different events. Check it out this Thursday. There's a forum thread for the game in the interim if you want to discuss this one!