Chase Holton is the developer behind Flamboygen [$1.99], which released earlier this year. It featured a metal soundtrack, so it's pretty alright in my book. Now Holton is set to tackle 2D roguelite dungeon crawlers with The Scrungeon Depths. You'll be trying to survive as long as possible through endless, randomly-generated dungeons. Thankfully, you'll have some trusty melee weaponry, and bombs. Lots of bombs. And those bombs can blow up the walls as well as enemies. Which, there's going to be a lot of enemies. Just check out the trailer:

Not only will you have to deal with enemy hell madness, but giant bosses will come to wreck your life too. I am all for more roguelite dungeon crawlers, and this looks like it could be fun. Keep an eye out on the forum thread for more news and details on the development of The Scrungeon Depths.