I admit that I'm not the biggest fan of the clickerless clicker genre that has popped up. Not to say that they can't be fun, but I get more engagement out of something where my clicking can play a role when I have the clicker app open, as opposed to it just being about idle currency generation. So, Magnate [Free] has a tall order to fill. I like clickers, and am in the mood for some empire-building recently. But as a clickerless clicker, it has a high bar to clear with me. Yet, the game has some interesting things going on to intrigue even a skeptic like me.

The game has you upgrading idle money generators, buying 'managers' in order to autoamtically process and click for you, buying new things that aern you more money. And you can upgrade these to make more money. Magnate, as the title implies, is all about business. And the thing about business is that it's full of despicable people. And you can choose to be good or evil in the game, affecting the upgrades that you get as you play further. "Big Deals" will affect the game at certain milestones. And of course, you'll be able to sell the whole thing and start over with Bonds bonuses.

There's permanent multipliers you can buy, along with video ad bonuses. What's interesting is that you can only watch a certain number of video ads per day. And you can stack these ads on top of each other, along with spending hard currency on extending the length of the ad bonus. Plus, social features come into play where there's a global leaderboard to compete with, and sharing casino chips with friends to get temporary boosts. That social aspect seems like something you'd see in an older social game, but it's an interesting implementation in a clicker here. If you're amenable to clickers, this might be worth checking out.