Jam City is releasing a new Futurama game, Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow on mobile soon, and they've just released a new trailer featuring new animation and voice acting from the original cast. It features a pretty amusing Bender/Android joke. What's interesting is that they're saying there's new and "never-before-seen" animation, so some of the material for the game might be based around unused animation from the series' second run on TV? Hmm.

As far as the gameplay goes, you probably won't be shocked that there's a city-building aspect to it. But hey, you'll get to rebuild New New York. I can only hope that you can build a new home for the New New York Mets, unless they finally decided to move to Mercury. But there will also be space shooter sections, and RPG-style battling and narrative elements? Hmm! This one isn't in soft launch on iOS yet from what we can see, but I'm curious to see just what this one's gonna turn out to be. Check out some screenshots of gameplay below: