In July of last year, Austrian indie developer Mipumi Games released the first episode of their narrative adventure game The Lion's Song on Steam to much critical acclaim. Each episode of the game deals with one fictional Austrian artist or scientist and takes "a closer look at their intimate struggles with creativity and inspiration." The game is designed so that the choices you make in one episode will carry over to the others, not just moving forward but also affecting episodes you've already completed and return to later. It's a very cool idea with a very unique art style and soundtrack that's proven to be a hit with players. Since that original episode debuted, two additional episodes of The Lion's Song have been released, and the fourth and final episode is set to launch near the game's one year anniversary. Alongside that the complete saga will be debuting on iOS and Android.

It never ceases to amaze me that, despite swimming in a constant flow of amazing games on mobile, there are so many awesome and unique games out there on other platforms that I'd likely never even be aware of if they weren't also making their way to mobile. That's exactly the case with The Lion's Song, and like so many other mobile ports, I'm thankful to finally have the chance to experience a game like this on my platform of choice. Although no pricing has been set, The Lion's Song sells its season pass on Steam for $9.99, or you can download the first episode for free and buy the additional episodes for $3.99 apiece from inside the game. I imagine they'll do something similar for the mobile version, so keep an eye out for The Lion's Song on iOS and Android at some point in July.