Colin Lane is out to deliver unique interpretations of every single sport on Earth. After his floppy-armed takes on wrestling with Wrassling [Free] and basketball with Dunkers [Free] in collaboration with Folmer Kelly. He's started working with Brad Erkkila, and they did Golf Zero [Free] earlier this year, and it was good. Now, the duo is set to take their talents to the gridiron with Touchdowners.

Expect more of the flailing-arm, goofy-physics sports action that Colin Lane and co. have managed to deliver so far. But the element of passing shows some promise for making this unique. The board could suddenly flip around with a good pass. Or, chaos could ensure with a particularly bad one. However it all goes down, it's sure to be goofy. Touchdowners is in development right now, and you'll be sure to hear more from us when new details emerge.