Oh BiBi, developers of Motor World: Car Factory [Free] and Monster and Commander [Free], are working on a brand-new mobile game called SUP Multiplayer Racing. This slick-looking racer has you racing against 3 other players at the same time, trying to pull off cool stunts, make some sweet jumps, oh, and ram your opponents off of the road. That's the most important part, no? It looks kind of like a 2D take on Burnout or MAXIMUM CAR [Free]. Oh, and the saturation has been turned up to 11.

If you want to play this right now, you can, but it's not on the App Store worldwide quite yet. It is in soft launch in Germany and Brazil, but if you don't feel like creating an account in those countries, you can check out the forum thread in order to get early access on iOS and provide some feedback. If you're on Android, you can just get the game from Google Play in Early Access. This looks slick, and I'm interested to see how this turns out.