It's hard to believe that it's been nearly a year since we last posted about Shadow Fight 3, but here we are. The long-awaited sequel to Nekki's ultra-popular fighter Shadow Fight 2 [Free] was originally supposed to launch last fall and bring the series from 2D into glorious full 3D. Well, that release window came and went, but the good news is that Nekki has been hard at work on the game in the time since, and are currently conducting a closed beta test for Shadow Fight 3 which is a sign that things are getting ever closer. Another sign is the release of more promotional items, and just last week Nekki released a gorgeous new cinematic trailer for Shadow Fight 3, which you can see below. Digging around their YouTube channel further I found a couple of other worthy videos, so following the cinematic trailer is a developer diary video that gives a quick glimpse into the process of creating music and gorgeous animations in the game, with a very brief glimpse of the game itself in action towards the very end. Finally, the third video is from February and features a full in-game fight captured from the beta version of the game. Enjoy!

Watching the in-game footage, I'll admit that Shadow Fight 3 appears to play a bit slower than the fighting games I typically enjoy. However, I love the focus on tactical play that the slower pace allows for and I love seeing that awesome shadow effect in action. I was dubious about the fantastic and fluid Shadow Fight 2 being brought into 3D, but it looks like the team at Nekki is doing a fine job of retaining the essence of the series while transitioning into the third dimension. There's still no solid word on when Shadow Fight 3 might be released, but as mentioned it's currently going through a closed beta process and the team is frequently posting new information over on the Shadow Fight Facebook page. We'll keep a closer eye on its progress and hopefully it comes out before we're celebrating the one year anniversary of THIS post.