Crash Club, the latest massively multiplayer car combat title from Prettygreat, has been high on my radar ever since the title was announced back in January. Notwithstanding the developer's excellent pedigree, the colorful yet anarchic take on the mobile driving genre stood out with its impressive emphasis on customisation, as well as its juxtaposition of chaotic action with careful tactic consideration that looked extremely compelling. While Crash Club soft launched in Australia and New Zealand earlier this month, the developers have today shared some additional details on the degree of design you are able to possess in designing your perfect combat vehicle, and have also shared a new trailer showcasing some of the slickest builds in action.

Prettygreat's tagline for the new Crash Club trailer is 'One Trillion Possibilities', which encapsulates the drastic step up in ambition that this latest release is for the Australia-based developers. In a similar vein to contemporaries such as Rocket League, every minor feature of your car is customisable - from paint color (with five options ranging from Matte to the ominously titled Dragon), wheels, decals, antenna, and even emoji horns for some serious pop-culture action. However, Crash Club goes one step further by implementing dramatic variation within the base car categories themselves. This means that, while there are only 25 unique car makes within the game at launch, each of these serves as a 'base design', and each base unlocked will feature minor differences such as in the headlights, spoilers, body kits, suspension, and window tint.

As well as this, cars are split into Common, Special, Rare, and Legendary categories, with the rarity and rank determining the special powers of the vehicles. Anyone who takes as much pride in tweaking and customising their creations will certainly be satisfied by this latest Crash Club reveal - if you can't wait for the global release, check out our guide to downloading soft launch games, and be sure to head by our forum thread for more discussion on Prettygreat's latest hit.