Ole Digby's been getting down since the release of Digby Forever [Free]. But now it's time for Digby to get high. As in, sky high. So high you a hobbit. That's right, Digby turns to jumping in Digby Jump on April 20th. This one-touch, high-score chaser has you trying to get Digby up and over platforms that keep on coming by. Digby will either have to single or double jump over these platforms to truly get such altitude that you can taste the tails of comets.

Digby Jump seems to be a smart reappropriation of Digby Forever resources, as Digby Jump uses the same characters and customizations as Digby Forever. Hey, why not? Digby Jump is a solid take on a genre of high-score chasers with moving platforms like Yo! Let's UP [Free], with the twist here that the platforms are always moving even after you land on them. Get ready for this one to roll up the App Store on April 20th, and check out the forum thread for the game.