BorderLeap has an interesting new word game hitting on April 27th, called Antitype, and it's a double whammy word puzzler. What Antitype gives you is two words that are opposites of each other, but of the same theme. So, you might get a clue called "directions" and you first have to figure out what the two words might be. Now, the thing is that the words are scrambled in such a way that you have to tap a letter, and then each letter directly adjacent to the letter advances one forward in the alphabet, but each letter can only be advanced so many times before it's locked. So, there's a double game going on here: figure out the words then figure out the right moves to make those words. Oh, and each time you restart the puzzle, it creates a new puzzle with the same words. It's a devious combo!

So, while this has the typical minimalist BorderLeap style, Antitype is sure to once again throw your brain into fits of confusion. This hits the App Store on April 27th for $1.99! Check out the forum thread for the game!