If you're in the mood for a new point-and-click mystery adventure but not really in the mood to pay for one, then this is your lucky day. Secret Files: Tunguska [$3.99] was originally released on iOS back in 2014, developed by Animation Arts and published by Deep Silver. Well, I'm not really clear on what happened to that relationship but all the previously released Animation Arts games that were published by Deep Silver have been pulled and are being re-released under the Animation Arts name only. Transferring products in the App Store between companies used to be a weird issue, but Apple actually implemented a way to do that that did not require a brand new app to be released as it did before. Instead, according to Animation Arts, the previous titles were pulled and re-released as new apps due to technical issues.

The good news though is that Animation Arts is trying to do the right thing for previous customers and has re-released Secret Files: Tunguska for free until April 20th. That means that if you bought the game previously you can at least get this newly released version (and presumably the only one that will be maintained going forward) without having to buy again, though I don't believe your save data will be able to carry over. If you didn't previously buy Secret Files: Tunguska, however, then this just means you get yourself a free adventure game.

In addition to Secret Files: Tunguska, Animation Arts has done pretty much the exact same thing with Secret Files: Sam Peters [$0.99], one of their other popular point-and-click games which was also previously published by Deep Silver. Interestingly, they actually re-released that one a few weeks ago, and for whatever reason it's still free as of this writing. Neither of these games have any form of IAP or additional episodes to download, so they're just two big, free adventure games, at least for the time being. So if you owned either of these when they were published by Deep Silver then go ahead and download these re-releases while they're free so you'll be able to continue enjoying them into the future.