Prettygreat's Crash Club has been in beta testing for a few weeks now, but the team at Prettygreat is taking a step toward bringing it more to life. The game is now in soft launch in Australia and New Zealand, appropriately enough for the Aussie developers. To commemorate the soft launch, the developers have released a new trailer for the game:

While it feels like .io-inspired, itinerant multiplayer car combat games are a quickly-populating genre with several titles announced and released recently, Crash Club plays differently. It's a game more about building up your car and upgrades, and not always about combat. You might want to avoid combat with another car if y'all both don't have weapons, and save your weaponry for when you might have a chance at actually killing your enemy. Getting points is the big goal, which you can get through wrecking the environment. It's not just a car combat game, it's about having fun wrecking stuff, and there's other people there that also want to wreck stuff. And occasionally, they want to wreck you. Oh, and when you're the top scorer, your car turns into a monster truck...but you're visible on the minimap to everyone else, so good luck with that! If you want to check out the game for yourself, check out our guide to downloading soft launch games. And do discuss the game in our forum thread for the game.

Australian iTunes Link: Crash Club