One of my fondest gaming memories has to be the WarioWare series on the old Nintendo handhelds, as the fast paced and eclectic mix of challenges the game constantly threw at you never failed to stay entertaining. There hasn't been a particularly strong representation of similar games on iOS, with only Lucky Kat's Grump Cat's Worst Game Ever [Free] being a notable recent benefactory of this formula that should be a perfect fit for the capacitive touch screen of modern mobile devices. Thankfully, developer Fuzzy Logic is looking to make its own splash on the minigame genre with their upcoming release tapgym, where you're tasked to tap and swipe to make your stickman protagonist complete numerous real-life exercises and achieve physical, mental and virtual fitness for your character. With its minimalist art style and high score emphasis, tapgym looks extremely promising, and will be one to look out for when it launches in the near future at a mobile gym near you.

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While I'm sure many will share the sentiment that the gym is a terrifying and inhospitable place, Fuzzy Logic has gone some way to making the exercises look relatively entertaining, despite their relatively basic nature. So far, the developer has shown a glimpse at two repetitions in the bench press and dumbbell raises, and while the former only involves tapping the screen, it also accounts for having to lower the weights which means furiously clicking will not lead to immediate gains. With high score leaderboards for each activity, as well as a mysteriously titled 'Berserk mode' (which will likely involve even faster and harder repetitions), there's a lot of promise in tapgym, and if it can keep each minigame distinct and interesting there is a chance that it can tap into the wonder of similar WarioWare-esque titles. Look out for tapgym on the App Store soon, and be sure to head to our forum thread for more information (and an unrelentless barrage of #hashtags) leading up to the game's imminent release.