If you do your CCG playing on the Shadowverse [Free] side of the App Store, you'll be glad to know that Tempest of the Gods, the game's latest expansion, is now available. In celebration of the launch of the new expansion, the developers are giving ten free card packs from Tempest to all players, a move that F2P players will definitely appreciate. Keep in mind that in order to receive these packs, you must have completed the in-game tutorial. Tempest of the Gods is adding 104 new cards to the game, including two original Legendary type cards for each class. The developers are hoping these Legendaries will open all kinds of deck-building possibilities and should form the core of new deck archetypes.

Shadowverse continues to grow, and I'm sure this new expansion will help it attract even more players. I'm a CCG guy myself, so I'm definitely glad to see quality CCGs on the App Store. If you've been looking for an opportunity to get into Shadowverse, Tempest is definitely a good one.