The TV show Archer is definitely one of the most crass and provocative ones out there, which is a big reason why I really like it. The show, starring the completely-incompetent super agent Archer (codename Duchess), has been skipping around different eras in recent seasons, and the upcoming season, starting April 5th, will take Archer and the gang back to the times of noir detective films. The game Archer, P.I. [Free] blends AR with detective work and will have you using your phone's camera to grab clues and objects from the TV show's episodes as well as from billboards, commercials, the Archer Facebook page, and more.

The game comes with a short tutorial that, of course, has you making Archer a drink, but for the rest you'll have to wait until April 5th when Archer: Dreamland premieres on FXX. Unfortunately, the game doens't have any voice-overs. If you like the show, you should probably give Archer, P.I. a shot.