Ahoy Games has just released Tiny Bombers [Free] onto the App Store, and if you like Bomberman, this is worth checking out. Basically, the concept is Bomberman, where you have bombs on a grid where you can upgrade the number of bombs and how far the explosions reach, and you lay them down to blow up obstacles and enemies. You can chain together bomb explosions, but of course, you have to be careful with the timing such that you don't blow yourself up. Now, Tiny Bombers puts those basic mechanics into a Crossy Road [Free] style game, where the world is slowly crumbling behind you, and you have to advance ever forward.

It's a cool combo, and the pace of the game is a bit more chilled out than most Crossy-likes because you have to wait on the bombs to explode. That's not to say that there's moments of urgency, but it's a bit more strategic and thoughtful. Coins are earned as you play, that can be used toward buying new characters. It's a pretty familiar business model, but hey, if it works, it works. You can check Tiny Bombers out now as a free download, available as an iOS universal app and on Apple TV.