Back in January a then-upcoming game called Edo Superstar [$0.99] caught my eye with its really nice art style and promise of beating the crap out of opponents as a martial arts expert monkey. What more is there in life to want beyond THAT? In early February, Edo Superstar dropped in the App Store, and while it got a pretty positive reaction from those who played it, it also seemed to fly a bit under the radar. Part of that might have been due to the game launching as iPhone-only, and although it still technically played on iPad in 2x mode it lacked true Universal support. Well, that's no longer an issue as Edo Superstar received an update today adding in Universal iPad support.

Another thing that might have held people back from Edo Superstar is its unique gesture-based fighting system. It's quite different than your normal beat 'em up, but with a little practice it's actually quite fun to use. The problem is getting people to invest enough time in a mobile game to learn something different, but I think it's worth the effort if you like this type of game. Also, if you're in the camp of those who were hesitant to try out Edo Superstar when it launched, the game is currently free so there's nothing stopping you from giving it a shot. There are additional IAP items but it's solely of the "speed up progression" type, and I've felt no need to spend any extra cash on the game. Edo Superstar is definitely a unique game that's worth checking out, especially for free, and if you've been longing for true iPad support then this latest update is for you.