Let me just say right off the bat that if you're making an RPG where I get to play as a cat named Bam, you've immediately caught my interest. Such is the case with Towards the Pantheon, an upcoming RPG from Connor O.R.T. Linning that's currently vying for approval on Steam Greenlight but has aspirations to make its way to mobile too. There's a lot about Towards the Pantheon that's par for the course in most RPGs, but there are many things Linning is hoping to do that set it apart from the pack. Much of this is discussed in the trailer for Towards the Pantheon which you can see below.

What I like most about Towards the Pantheon is that each of the 4 main heroes seems really distinct from one another, both in terms of how their battle mechanics but also in terms of personality and their desires for this adventure. As Linning describes it, "Whether it be silent protagonist Freyja searching for self confidence to overcome her mutism, Bam wishing he was back home with his stash of catnip, Mishima’s conflict over whether she must replace her heart with a computer chip in order to fit into her cyberpunk society, or Phenez’ dark struggle for redemption, Towards The Pantheon deals with personal and philosophical topics that all players can relate to."

Currently the game is roughly half finished and shooting for release on desktop towards the end of 2017. Assuming the game is well enough received there then iOS, Android and Windows 8 ports are under consideration as well the possibility of release on consoles. If you want to see the game make its way to Steam, hit up its Greenlight campaign where you can also find even more details about Towards the Pantheon. We'll keep our eye on how this one shapes up and if it looks like a mobile port is in the cards we'll definitely let you know.