Chris Savory has partnered up with Rafael Lima, developer of Wedding Escape [Free], to make Match Land. The fourth game from the developer of Swap Heroes [$0.99], Match Land is designed as a hybrid between turn-based and real-time match-3 RPG games. When you make a match, you then have a timer that starts counting down, and whatever matches you can make in that time frame will activate in your combat turn.

Match Land is structured around you running a fantasy medieval market of shops, and you supply your shops by going out into battle and capturing creatures with your team of heroes to make your shops better. There will be more heroes to unlock and upgrade as you go along, with boss fights in the campaign to tackle, too. Savory's done some great work on his trio of mobile games, and Wedding Escape was reviewed well by our Chris Carter, so do keep an eye out for Match Land in April when it's expected to release.