Publisher Cleaversoft is partnering with renowned artist Jed Henry and his game development studio Hi-Tops on an upcoming mobile brawler called Edo Superstar, and the first trailer for the game is looking really fantastic. Henry is known for the Ukiyo-e Heroes series which present some of video game's biggest characters in traditional Japanese woodblock art. Edo Superstar is about a martial artist monkey named Masaru who must fight his way to Edo City in order to enter the famed Zodiac Tournament. Winning fights will earn Masaru fame which will help him improve his skills, but he'll need to be careful to avoid his former ninja clan during his journey as they're not too pleased he's forsaken them in pursuit of fame and fortune as a master fighter. Check out the trailer for Edo Superstar.

As you can see, Henry has created a huge roster of cool anthropomorphic characters to fill out Edo Superstar's world. The game is also eschewing virtual buttons in favor of a more natural gesture-based control scheme. I'm not exactly sure how the control scheme will work just yet, but it certainly seems like Masaru has a ton of different special moves and abilities. I'm a huge fan of beat 'em ups and Edo Superstar looks very promising so far. It'll launch on February 1st for $1.99 and there will be coin packs available as IAP, and hopefully it's of the "speed up progression" kind and not anything that might sully the experience. We'll let you know when this one becomes available in just a couple of weeks.