If you haven't checked out Severed [$6.99], the first-person sword-slicing Metroidvania by Drinkbox Studios, then now's a good time as the game is on sale for $3.99. But there's another good reason if you have a modern iPhone, as Drinkbox has just updated the game with 3D Touch support. Now, using 3D Touch, you can easily trigger the map to expand without having to pause the game, making exploring the game world just a bit more convenient than it was before.

Drinkbox has also added in iMessage stickers. If you've ever wanted to send a phantom severed hand sticker saying "Hi 5" to loved ones, well...now you can. Some various other bugs and improvements, such as clearer display of which upgrades are available, are here in this update as well. This game is phenomenal, and it's well worth checking out if you haven't yet, especially at the sale price.